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The renowned Rubik's cube is of course one of the most cleverly conceived and challenging fun games on the planet. Now the legendary puzzle keeps going in the shape of the Rubik's 360 puzzle! The Rubik's 360 puzzle is ideal for a Christmas gift idea, and is sure to have you and you family puzzling away for hours on end whilst you are trying to solve it! It is a superb toy for both children and their elders to attempt to solve.

The concept is for you to tilt and turn the puzzle and guide every ball into its complementary colored dome. The marvellous thing about this game is that it has the legendary Rubik's concepts and will keep you pondering for a long time as to how to solve the puzzle. That is the strategy to the continuous success of these puzzles. Their legendary status was founded through the deceptive simpleness of their design and the mind-crushing frustration that enjoying them can occur. Everyone has attempted at some time to beat a Rubik's puzzle!

You'll indeed be able to beat it, but the enjoyment is in finding the solution, just as with the well-known Rubik's cube! The Rubik's 360 Puzzle is one of the top toys to come back on to the puzzle scene in quite a while, providing with it an exciting extra perspective on a puzzle toy game that many thought they had utterly mastered a long time ago. Now a new generation is in a position to get in on the puzzling fun. The game looks very straightforward, but it is extremely challenging to solve, thus it deserves its moniker as a Rubik's game!

You don't need to look any further for the best details and the best prices on the Rubik's 360 puzzle- everything you would like is right here! The Rubik's 360 puzzle includes full instructions and a display stand. With the Rubik's 360 puzzle you and your family are sure to be puzzling it out long after the Holidays.

Rubik’s Cube 360

Rubik's 360
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Hasbro Rubiks 360.

Rubiks 360 Puzzle Ball

Genuine Rubiks 360 Puzzle Ball
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Erno Rubik, inventor of the classic Rubik's Cube is back with a new crazy puzzle! The Rubiks 360 is set to become an addictive new craze. The aim of the game is to position 6 different colour balls into 6 separate compartments. The balls are held in an inner sphere with only 2 holes to get out of into the outer sphere. There are 3 different spheres that make up the puzzle ball and only 1 solution! The beauty of a Rubiks Cube is that if you get frustrated or lazy like myself, you could brake up the cube and[Read More]